Launch Artists Lineup

Kicking off the collective with the first batch of artists of different mediums from traditional to the web3 space will come together & collaborate.

Steve Manzano

Steve Manzano “Indio” is a multidisciplinary artist and community builder. He practiced socially engage art and intersects with performance, painting, and installation. His projects and initiatives are community-based collaboration, alternative education, art therapy, and street art. Manzano’s multidisciplinary practice explores the connection of the materials found in his environment and uses it to weave a narrative

Artwork Title: Samutsari

Format: Mural and Motion Picture

About the artwork: In precolonial time barter or trading is a way to have an encounter and exchange with the other culture. Samutsari inherits the spirit of cultural exchange through values, ideas, and culture. We have shared experience and culture.